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Susan McCrobie

KY Branch President 2017-2019

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Welcome to the Kentucky Branch Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia. 

The Manakin Colony was created in Virginia thanks to King William III of Orange who supported the cause of the French Huguenots. After much consideration, the colony was established above the Falls of the James River near present-day Richmond, Virginia. King William empathized with their struggle for religious freedom.  The ordeals they endured under the French, where church and state were one, shows their passion for what they believed.  Forty years later, their descendants migrated westward in Virginia, through counties such as Albemarle and Augusta, and subsequently south on the Wilderness Road. During the Revolution, Manakin Huguenot descendants were at forts in Kentucky and suffered under the British. After the American Revolution, more patriots had land grants in Kentucky than any other state and a proportional amount of those pioneers were Huguenots from the colony in Virginia.    

The Kentucky Branch would like to ensure that our Huguenot heritage is continued and this particular group of ancestors is remembered for the sacrifices they made for religious freedom. Your membership is seriously needed for this purpose. Please contact us and document your lineage and preserve your family's heritage.